Automate Everything!

Rapidly configure and automate solutions as unique as your business.

Automate your business operations and Optimize your entire organization

The Zuilderâ„¢ platform offers a suite of fully customizable workflow automation tools, modules and applications to streamline collaboration and gain a competitive edge.

  • Flexibility. Fully configurable layouts, flows, data models, processes, and business rules. So flexible, it's magic.
  • Artificial Intelligence. Zuilder is smart. It interfaces with IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and Amazon AI and has its own expert system on top of that.
  • Powerful Search. Traditional search is simple. How about traversing a knowledge graph to find hidden relationships between pieces of data?
  • API Heaven. Publish any data any way you want using SOAP or REST. Consume APIs from other systems.
  • Detailed Analytics. Use the built-in reporting engine or a BI engine of your choice.