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The Zuilder™ Partner Network


Zuilder™ partners with subject matter experts, independent software vendors, system integrators, and technology partners to design, develop, deploy, and maintain innovative enterprise software.

Zuilder™ is not an ordinary company and we are not looking for ordinary partners. We pride ourselves in offering the most flexible solutions in the market and delivering the lowest total cost of ownership. Our own support service is the best in the industry. Every Zuilder™ team member has an A+ attitude. We don't look forward to Fridays after long weeks. We look forward to Mondays so we can make a difference.

If you share our passion for the great and would like to get things done, we would like to hear from you.

Please visit tabs at the top to learn more about various types of partners we are looking for.

Subject Matter Experts

We look for subject matter experts with domain expertise in their fields who want to build great software on the Zuilder™ technology and offer it to their customers or who would like to market a Zuilder/partner solution jointly to partner's customers.

What we offer
Zuilder™ will provide software and training and will feature your product in the Zuilder Marketplace. Zuilder™ may also assist with a go-to-market strategy and business development activities.

What you offer
You must be the expert in your field and you should demonstrate your credibility. You should be able to sell your offering running on Zuilder™ and do whatever it takes to keep your customers.

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Independent Software Vendors

We look for ISVs that want to develop and sell their own private-branded products on the Zuilder™ platform or integrate with one or more Zuilder™ products.

What we offer
Zuilder™ will provide software and training and will feature your product in the Zuilder Marketplace.

What you offer
You must have the resources needed to develop, market, and sell the product. You can either host your software yourself or have Zuilder host it for you.

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System Integrators

We look for system integrators who would like to sell, configure, administer, and maintain Zuilder™ products to their customers.

What we offer
Zuilder™ will provide software and training and will feature your service listings in the Zuilder™ Marketplace. Depending on your focus, Zuilder™ may also provide you with introductions to other partners and various business development opportunities. There are three level of Zuilder™ partnerships. Table below shows requirements and benefits of each:

Registered Gold Platinum


Minimum revenue None $100,000/year $500,000/year
Minimum technical resources None At least one Zuilder™ Certified Engineer At least three Zuilder™ Certified individuals. At least one at the Architect level.


Deal registration Yes Yes Yes
Partner networking opportunities Yes Yes Yes
Business development support priority 3 2 1
Support priority 3 2 1
Feature request priority 3 2 1
Shared sandbox Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated mini-sandboxes 1 3
Dedicated large sandboxes Full price Discounted Discounted
Development licenses credit1 2X 3X 5X
Focus group participation Some Yes
Special pricing Yes Yes
Logo use Yes Yes
Marketplace service listing Regular Gold Platinum

1The number of free development licenses you get for every production license purchased. This number is also subject to Zuilder™ terms and conditions of service and may be subject to other license provisions.

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Technology Partners

We look for companies whose technology combined with the Zuilder™ offering increases product value for our customers. This program is by invitation only.

Our current partners
AWS, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM.