Create, modify and implement flexible workflows across your entire enterprise


Zuilder features already-built modules – and a library of reusable templates – for a wide variety of common workflows, each of which can be easily modified to suit your business needs.


  • Case Management    Process thousands of concurrent cases automatically routing specific issues to the right individuals – both internally and externally.

  • Service Management    Quickly and easily onboard new customers, resolve issues and better engage with your customers.

  • Asset Management    Manage the lifecycle of corporate assets, including regularly scheduled maintenance, upgrades and EOL

  • Scheduling    Deploy the right resources for the right job, with detailed tracking and reporting.

  • HR Management    Automate the hiring, on/off-boarding and management of employees, contractors and temporary workers .

  • Contract Management   Manage full contract lifecycle, automate internal and external redlines, comments and approvals.

  • E-Signature     Automated E-signature capabilities with notification and reminders.

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